Will Hostgator help me to transfer my website?

What would you do if you wish to move your website to a new host but you do not have sufficient technical knowledge to do that? Here’s what you can do if you are transferring your website to Hostgator. First, order your desired Hostgator hosting package. Second, request for help via Hostgator’s transfer form.

Hostgator Free Site Transfer

Hostgator is one of the very few web hosts that help clients to transfer their website for free. They will transfer the domainname , web files, MySQL database, and scripts on your behalf with no cost at all.

Hostgator Transfer Form

Hostgator Free Site Transfer

How does site transfer with Hostgator works?

All you need to do is to provide some basic contact info, your hosting accounts login details, some basic instructions for the technical crews at Hostgator, and keep the old hosting account until the DNS is sorted properly. However, note that neither free or paid transfer services carry any guarantees. Hostgator will only move up to one account with shared hosting free of charge within 30 days of signup. Extra domains are not included in the free service.

Instant Script Installation at Hostgator

Hostgator hosting comes along with Fantastico, where you can instantly install a script without any programming knowledge in just a few clicks. At this time of writing, Hostgator support more than 50 popular scripts. Thanks to Fantastico, these web applications can be installed, updated, and maintained easily on Hostgator.


  • b2evolution
  • Nucleus
  • WordPress

Content Management

  • Drupal
  • Geeklog
  • Joomla
  • Mambo Open Source
  • PHP-Nuke
  • phpWCMS
  • phpWebSite
  • Post-Nuke
  • Siteframe
  • TYPO3
  • Xoops

Customer Support

  • Crafty Syntax Live Help
  • Help Center Live
  • osTicket
  • PerlDesk
  • PHP Support Tickets
  • Support Logic Helpdesk
  • Support Services Manager


  • phpBB2
  • SMF


  • CubeCart
  • OS Commerce
  • Zen Cart


  • FAQMasterFlex

Hosting Billing

  • AccountLab Plus
  • phpCOIN

Image Galleries

  • 4Images Gallery
  • Coppermine Photo Gallery
  • Gallery

Mailing Lists

  • PHPlist

Polls and Surveys

  • Advanced Poll
  • phpESP
  • LimeSurvey

Project Management

  • dotProject
  • PHProjekt

Site Builders

  • Soholaunch Pro Edition
  • Templates Express


  • TikiWiki
  • PhpWiki

Other Scripts

  • Dew-NewPHPLinks
  • Moodle
  • Noahs Classifieds
  • Open-Realty
  • phpAdsNew
  • PHPauction
  • phpFormGenerator
  • WebCalendar

Sidenote: What is Fantastico?

Fantastico is an automatic script installer which automates the installation and maintenance of common web scripts such as forums, blogs, CMS scripts, and web gallery. Fantastico helps a lot (especially for the non-technical person) as it eliminates the tons tedious jobs involved in web scripts uploading, installation, and basic setups. The installer also helps with server configurations. For example, files/folders permission will be configured automitcally and necessary server configuration files such as .htaccess will be modified accordingly.

Hostgator partner up with RankSense

Good news for Hostgator existing clients. Hostgator has partnered with RankSense to give away trial package for RankSense SEO tools and a recurring 20% discount offer to all Hostgator clients. All you need to do is input coupon code “hostgator” upon signup and you’ll be entitled for this great deals.

About RankSense

RankSense PrintScreen

The SEO program – RankSense SEO Tools is developed and owned by NEMediaSoft. NEMediaSoft is founded in year 2002 by Hamlet Batista in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. RankSense application is designed to simplify and improve the SEO process for the small-to-mediun business website and personal websites/blogs.

According to recent Hostgator blog post, RankSense features include:

  • Discover Website Rankings – See which keywords bring users to your website and see how many conversions they get for your site.
  • Search Engine Coverage – Analyze your site’s search engine visibility.
  • Detect Problem Pages – Detects, follows, and checks all links and shows broken links, dynamic pages, denials in robots.txt, and other errors that may be hurting your site.
  • Sitemap Builder – Creates and submits an XML sitemap for search engines to discover.
  • Keyword Selection – Identify and test potential keywords.
  • Keyword Appraisals – See which keywords are better based on traffic, value, search volume, and conversions.
  • Competitive Intelligence – Discover your top competitors for each and every keyword.
  • Analyze Competitors – Analyze competitor web sites and learn what is working for the competition.
  • Analyze My Site – Understand how search engines view the keywords on your site.
  • On-Page Optimization Editor – Optimize your pages to maximize search engine leads.
  • Link Structure Analysis – Learn from the structure of your competitors’ backlinks.
  • My Link Structure Analysis – Understand the structure of your site’s backlinks.
  • Link Text Analysis – See what anchor texts link to your competitors.
  • My Link Text Analysis – Analyze the anchor texts linking to your site.
  • Link Research – Find the URLs that to target for link exchange, sub-categorized by type (blog, directory, article, etc).
  • Task Scheduler – Allows you to schedule and automate tasks.
  • Search Analytics & SEO Progress Reports – Powerful, data rich reports providing detailed filtered report providing data on every aspect of your site’s optimization including search engines, rankings, landing pages, keywords, on-page metrics, off-page metrics, keyword, competitors and much, much more.
  • Advanced Preferences –Identify preferred search engines, search the API, access market analysis keywords and competitor metrics, on-page keyword analysis metrics, common words, HMTL tags weight, keyword groups, human emulation filters, report header and footer and more.

Positive reviews on RankSense

In case you’re into reading some testimonials for RankSense…

“RankSense is truly by a long, long shot the coolest and most awesome SEO tool I’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter and work with! Hamlet Batista has made a marvelous job of concatenating just about all conceivably essential SEO factors into one smart, easy-to-use and deceptively simple (but actually extremely powerful) interface.” – Ralph Tegtmeier, aka Fantomaster world-renowned SEO expert.

“I like having all the SEO tools integrated into one program. Since doing SEO is in many respects, repetitive, this software makes tasks easily repeatable after you are setup and have completed your initial phases of SEO.” – Sean A. Golliguer, Editor in Chief of Search Engine Marketing Journal.

What I think about RankSense?

I had never used RankSense but I like what I see the features list. Text link research and link problems detection are always the two major headaches for me and I’m glad to see both issues can be done automatically with RankSense.

How will the partnership affect Hostgator

Frankly I don’t think the partnership will bring any significant effects to Hostgator’s business. Customers get into a particular web host because of its hosting features, server performance and customer support quality. Incentive gifts such as RankSense is more like the topping on a cake to Hostgator – it’s not a must but everyone’s happy to get them. Nevertheless, this partnership do strengthen Hostgator’s offer in term of business hosting. Special discount on RankSense, along with free toll numbers and private SSL offer, Hostgator stands as my selection of Best Business Hosting and I don’t think any other shared hosting companies can come close to this. In case you are search for the right web host for your business website, Hostgator is undoubtedly your best choice!

How to move your blog from free WordPress to Hostgator

Has your free WordPress blog outgrown your expectation? Perhaps it’s time to get serious about blogging and host your blog on its own domain and hosting. I often get questions from undecided bloggers on this topics: Should I move my blog to its own hosting? Should I start with a free blog platform? Can a web host transfer my blog when I wish to host with them?

For instance, here’s a forum post at Hostgator asking for help when it comes to moving a blog from the free platform.

I am sure this has been asked before but I was getting mixed messages from customer service so I wanted to double check before signing up.

Can HostGator transfer my wordpress.com hosted blog to a new domain of my own hosted here? I have seen the transfer form and just want to double check that they will go in and move it all for me even though it is a free wordpress blog. I understand I will have to set up wordpress etc but I am talking about the bare bones of transferring posts, comments, pictures etc.

Any help, tips or advice would be welcome. I have been trying to do it all with godaddy and it has been hell.

Export and Import WP blogs

In case you are one of those with the same doubts as below – let me tell you this: you DO NOT need help from your web host to move your WordPress blog as it’s ultra easy moving it yourself.

One best thing about WordPress is that it allows blog exporting and importing in just a few clicks.

To move your blog from the free WordPress platform to Hostgator, all you need to do is to backup your current blog (Refer image on right: Tools > Export > Download the WordPress eXtended RSS file), install a new WordPress on your Hostgator hosting account, and import (upload) the XML file saved earlier. WordPress system is so powerful that you can get this all done in its web-based control panel (the dashboard).

Here’s the quick print screen for both Import and Export page of WordPress.

WordPress Export Screen

Export and back up your blog

WordPress Import Screen

Import blogs from different platform

Note that not only you can restore and move your WordPress blog, you can also important your work from different platform to WordPress.

At this time of writing, WordPress’s ‘Import Feature’ support Blogger, Blogroll, Blogware, Bunny’s Technorati Tags, Categories and Tags Converter, DotClear, GreyMatter, Jerome’s Keywords, LiveJournal, Textpattern, Ultimate Tag Warrior, Movable Type, as well as TypePad! (that’s almost all the well-known blogging platform I knew!)

Common pitfalls with cheap hosting

Cheap web hosting

Web hosting industry is a competitive industry. Especially during bad time like now, hosting companies are slashing their price to win customers and to stay alive in business. But is cheap the best? Should we evaluate a web host just by its price tag? As a user, we must be cautious of the cheap hosting because it might be one of those that only care about getting you money. Some companies will try all sorts of marketing tricks to sell you their service. There are many disadvantages with low-cost web hosting services as most of them will fail to deliver proper service.

Cheap hosting = poor support?

The issue with cheap hosting is that it only provides the minimal service (well what do you expect? It is a budget service!) Yes without doubt such hosting companies will provide support that’s good enough for you to put up and run a website. However, it lacks the most important part which is the support. Some companies do prepare support but it is very limited and to be frank, it feels like you have no one backing you up at all. Even though some companies put up 24/7 support in their advertisement but this never really becomes a reality once you start using their service. So, it is very important for you to be able to find a company that provides some sort of support. You can know this by testing their support with emails to see if they reply or not.

Service Level Agreement

Another common pitfalls with cheap hosting is the Service Level Agreement.

It’s important to read the SLA throughly before signing up any web host as it is a legal agreement that ensure the hosting company’s level of service. A responsible web host always offer clearly written SLA to states their service transparently and to guarantees the service quality. But this not the case for most cheap hosting services. In fact, some budget hosting companies do not even provide this agreement. In case you come across one, stay away form them and look for the next one.

Reseller hosting

Cheap hosting also has another drawback with the intrusion of middleman. Sometimes, when you are in the process or getting a new hosting, you are not really dealing with the company but with a middleman. These middlemen are known as reseller hosting. They are people who are agent that sell hosting packages to make profit. The problem with reseller is that you must also find a good one in order to benefit from you cheap hosting.

So, to make a conclusion, there is actually no big problem with cheap hosting. It is a choice that we can. Although cheap, we still have to pay for it and the most important part is t get a good working web hosting to provide the service that we need. Of course, we cannot get fantastic service but at least we can get sufficient service to run a smooth website.