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Hostgator Server Uptime

Server uptime is always the most important issue for web hosting shoppers. When you host a website, you do not want any of your website visitors bump into a blank page due to web host outage. This explains why most hosting review websites focus a lot on tracking hosting server uptime.

One of the hosting review that did a good work on checking Hostgator uptime is Quoting from the website, we can see that Hostgator is recording a respectable hosting uptime for August.

Refer figure below for Hostgator hosting uptime – you’ll be surprise how well the hosting perform.

Hostgator Hosting Uptime

Hostgator hosting uptime

As you can see from the chart, Hostgator recorded a 99.94% of hosting uptime for month August. This is a very good results and folks at Hostgator should be very proud of it!

In case you’re wondering about Hostgator server reliability, you can be assured that the hosting service by Hostgator is well above average and it’s recommended by most hosting review website.

Hostgator Server Gator352 down?

Yes. Minority Hostgator accounts might experienced a short server outage on 22nd September as I read outage reports on Hostgator “Server Gator352”.

As Hostgator staffs (Gator David) reported, it seems the outage is caused by networking issue and they were taking immediate action in resolving the issues.

The server didn’t took long to come back as the problem is fixed within half and hour. Referring to the screen-cap below, the Server Gator352 is now back to operational.

Hostgator status

Server Uptime: Your guide in picking up the right web host

What are your consideration point when you’re shopping for the right web hosting services? Was that monthly price of the hosting package? Or it’s the hosting features? Or server storage capacity? Or…?

To pick up a good web hosting service, web server uptime is something you MUST look into. For any hosting companies to listed as “Good” in my list, regardless of the price and features, they must be able to provide reliable server uptime.

This is very important so that your website is always available in the internet. I mean, what’s the point of having 5,000 GB, 10000GB, or even unlimited GB of bandwidth transfer when your website is not accessible online?

The availability of you website is important so that it can be reach anytime.

It will be irritating if your website often experience interruption, slow loading time and so on. When your web server is down or loading slow, the user’s surfing experience will turned terribly bad, and your website’ll loose all the credibility.

To have your website running smooth, you must have a high uptime and a high traffic support so that you’re the people who access your internet gets to your website very quickly. In the industry today, the standard uptime for a good hosting company would be 99.5%.

A check on Hostgator server uptime

Now in case you wonder, here’s how Hostgator server performed for the past one month – tested at Uptime Auditor, on 15 minutes frequency.

Things seems pretty stable with Hostgator server and there’s no downtime faced for the whole August. As I already mentioned earlier, Hostgator is one of the very little web host companies that fully maintain their own datacenter. This enables folks in Hostgator to take extra care on the servers, which then lead to better server performance.

Hostgator hosting server performance

As many other hosting review websites I am currently running, is hosted on Hostgator it self for the review purpose. As the website had been setup for some time (though not much content had been loaded up yet), I think it’s time to have a sneak peep on the hosting server performance.

I’ll make a quick wrap up here:

The server, hosting this website, on Hostgator had been doing good for the past few months. Server is 100% up from my observation, quick server load time, and there’s plenty of space for disk storage.

Hostgator Server Status

A quick look on the server status that I just screen captured:

Everything seems cool but well, this is just a start! I’ll be updating more if I found anything not right with the hosting services. 😉