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Hostgator Customer Feedbacks

I was reading quite some good words left at Hostgator forum and think it’s appropriate to quote some of them here.

Hostgator User Reviews

HostGator: You Had Me At ‘Hello!” – kevo777 @ 03-03-2009

After coming from such a bad experience at GoDaddy I had to post and share how really great HostGator has been just in the few days I’ve been a member.

I so very much appreciate the minimalist design with HostGator’s web presence, including the home page and cPanel. Anyone who has a domain or host account with GoDaddy knows how busy their site is! It’s a mess IMHO.

Maybe I’m just imagining it but I really think my site with HostGator is snappier. True, the account is only 3 days old and it wasn’t a site transfer; just a clean fresh WordPress install. But even when my site was fresh with GoDaddy there seem to be some lag. Perhaps they install more accounts per server on their shared hosting then HostGator does? At any rate, thank you HostGator!! WOOHOO!!!

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Completely awesome – logbert @ 14-03-2009

I used to host with GoDaddy and hated it. So awful. So I switched last year to HostGator. Even if you guys didn’t offer way more features and better support, you’re still like 9,000 times better because your administrative interface isn’t a confusing mess.

Anyway, I’ve been hosting here for about a year now and am really happy with it. I’ve seen virtually no downtime, support has been great, and as dumb as it seems, I’m most happy because I don’t have to pay extra to see totally normal things like raw Apache access and error logs and accessing a database remotely.

Thanks for the great service.

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Very happy! – seaspiritnw @ 14-03-2009

I have been with HG for just one month but I have to say I am very pleased so far. There were a few questions and a couple of problems I had and chat support was great… they walked me through what I needed to do. My being new at using Joomla and not knowing what was wrong..they found one of the problems was actually with Joomla, and found a link to what I needed at Joomla to fix that issue. If not for them I would probably still be pulling my hair

In my opinion they went beyond what I expected to help me out, and were patient with my crazy questions and very nice. My first regular payment just came out and it was so nice to see it went smoothly and was exactly what they said I would be billed…just as the first month was really only 1 penny!

Thank you HG for making my first paid hosting a nice experience!

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Customer Feedbacks on Hostgator hosting services

Favorite Hostgator customer feedbacks

Of all the reviews I read at Hostgator’s forum, this forum post comes with the best detail and it’s especially helpful for those who wish to switch their current web host.

Host Gator Saved My Business! – marko1 @ 14-03-2009

A giant Thumbs Up to Host Gator…

About three weeks ago, I learned my existing host was being bought out by a larger company with a terrible reputation that planned to migrate all sites to their ‘advanced’ platform.

The old host was excellent – good service, good up-time, competitive prices, personal support and so on. The reviews on this new host are probably the worst on the web. My decision was easy that I had to find somewhere else to host my sites or I could find myself out of business very quickly. I had read stories online about this company loosing entire vps’, providing empty backups and having downtime measured in weeks.

I had almost 100 sites under a reseller plan with the previous host and searched the web to find either a new reseller plan, vps or dedicated server. I decided that the Windows Elite Dedicated Server from Host Gator was the way to go. It took less than 48 hours for Host Gator to prepare the server and I have spent the last two weeks, night and day transferring my web sites and preparing the server.

Even though I transferred my sites, I have not told that new company yet. I am watching as they attempt to migrate my sites and can see the errors and problems I would have to deal with if I stayed there. They even go as far as changing your code to work on their new platform – totally unacceptable!

I am extremely pleased with how smooth this migration went to Host Gator and will be purchasing a Linux Reseller plan this week for several of my Linux sites and as my business grows I can see another Windows Dedicated server in my future. I did encounter one problem on my new server which was answered within 20 minutes from a Host Gator tech through the ticket system.

Keep up the good work!

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In case you are still wondering about Hostgator hosting service, my only advice is ‘JUST DO IT!’ Hostgator provide 45 days money-back trial period. You can get full refund if you’re unhappy with them during this period.

Hostgator’s all new customer support system

It’s always a good thing to see your hosting company is improving. Hostgator never fail to impress me with their determination to provide better and faster supports to their clients. If you ever submit a ticket to Hostgator recently you’ll notice there are quite some changes with Hostgator’s ticket system.

Hostgator’s new ticketing system

Hostgator Ticket System

First, the control interface of customer support is different now. The designs look cleaner and it’s more user-friendly. More over, you’ll notice a friendly message from Brent (founder of Hostgator) regarding on the upgrades. This change will inject better automation and increase efficiency of the customer support team.

What’s more behind this is that the upgrading of ticket system is just a part of Hostgator’s latest project named ‘Gator’, where the system will evolve into an integrated billing, affiliate, chat, and ticket system. According to Brent, Hostgator’s old system needs upgrade desperately. The system, lack of modern IT automation, is using ModernBill for billing, Kayako for tickets, LivePerson for chat, and a hacked up version of ultimate for affiliates.

The new system on the other hand will improve a lot in term of customer-support interaction (such as customers can rate all HostGator responses), spam detecting, as well as employees management at Hostgator’s end. According to Brent, when everything has been completed it will result in millions a year in savings and at least a 30% increase to staff productivity.

It’s no wonder that the folks at Hostgator seems excited with this change and saying that ‘Freedom is coming’. Hopefully the price will not increase when the productivity leveled up. 🙂