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Can I upload files to Hostgator directly from Dreamweaver?

The quick answer is ‘YES’. In fact, any ftp client or using the cPanel file manager will do.

How to upload files directly from Dreamweaver?

To upload files directly from Dreamweaver, you have to first configure the server settings in your Dreamweaver file manager. You can do this either by creating a new ‘FTP & RDS Server’ or creating a new ‘site’ that linked to your server via FTP.

Configuration for FTP & RDS Server

uploading dreamweaver

Working on the FTP & RDS Server environment allows you to work directly on the files at your server.

Any changes saved will be visible at your website immediately.

Setting up a new ‘FTP & RDS Server’ all you need is to fill in the necessary details like your host FTP address, folder that you wished to FTP, your login details, and the name you wish to put for the server.

Configuration at the ‘Site’ option

On the other hand, you can configure the FTP connection in Dreamweaver while setting up your site at the File Manager. Simply select ‘FTP’ on the remote server connection, fill in all the details like the host FTP address, folder that you wished to FTP as well as your login details and you’re ready to go.

A quick screen cap for your reference:

uploading dreamweaver

FTP at Hostgator is easy!

I hope this solved your doubts in FTP-ing files to Hostgator. Do leave your comment in case you have other related questions.