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Toll Free Numbers with Hostgator Hosting

No joke, Hosgator business hosting plans now come with a toll free number with no additional cost at all! If you check on Hostgator’s latest shared hosting plan, you’ll notice slight changes had been made for the Business Plan. Now with $12.95/mo, Hostgator is offering unlimited hosting services along with a toll free business number.

Hostgator upgraded their Business Hosting Plan

Hostgator Business Hosting

According to official news released, the toll free service is connected via VoIP with the support of Houston-based VOIP Company, VOIPo. It doesn’t cost anything for Hostgator Business Plan users for the number. Further more, the free number comes with 100 minutes of free usage per calendar month. That’s $4.9/mo call time credit for a $12.95 hosting plans.

What I think about this?

In my opinion, this is amazing. As mentioned by Hostgator marketing directior, Chad Bean’s:

“It’s no mystery that having a toll-free number on your website can drastically improve conversion rates and further establish trust with your site’s visitors. By providing toll-free numbers for free, we’re adding another service to our growing roster of free add-ons and helping to give our web hosting customers the competitive edge in the increasingly competitive hosting market,” says Chad Bean, HostGator Marketing Director.

A toll free number offer is extremely attractive as it’s very valuable for business owners.

This latest deal definitely keep Hosgator one step ahead their competitors. They are, in fact, setting a new industry standard with this offer and I’m sure it will cause certain level of panic to other web hosting providers. Will other companies like Bluehost and Lunarpages follow this trend? I can’t be sure.

Hostgator’s all new customer support system

It’s always a good thing to see your hosting company is improving. Hostgator never fail to impress me with their determination to provide better and faster supports to their clients. If you ever submit a ticket to Hostgator recently you’ll notice there are quite some changes with Hostgator’s ticket system.

Hostgator’s new ticketing system

Hostgator Ticket System

First, the control interface of customer support is different now. The designs look cleaner and it’s more user-friendly. More over, you’ll notice a friendly message from Brent (founder of Hostgator) regarding on the upgrades. This change will inject better automation and increase efficiency of the customer support team.

What’s more behind this is that the upgrading of ticket system is just a part of Hostgator’s latest project named ‘Gator’, where the system will evolve into an integrated billing, affiliate, chat, and ticket system. According to Brent, Hostgator’s old system needs upgrade desperately. The system, lack of modern IT automation, is using ModernBill for billing, Kayako for tickets, LivePerson for chat, and a hacked up version of ultimate for affiliates.

The new system on the other hand will improve a lot in term of customer-support interaction (such as customers can rate all HostGator responses), spam detecting, as well as employees management at Hostgator’s end. According to Brent, when everything has been completed it will result in millions a year in savings and at least a 30% increase to staff productivity.

It’s no wonder that the folks at Hostgator seems excited with this change and saying that ‘Freedom is coming’. Hopefully the price will not increase when the productivity leveled up. 🙂

Hostgator Hosting Plans

Hostgator seperate its hosting plan to major three: HatchlingGator Hosting, BabyGator Hosting, and Busines Hosting. Hosting plans are divided based on its disk space and bandwidth allocation as well as some other addon hosting features.

In a quick glance, here’s the overview of Hostgator hosting plans.

Hatchling Baby Business
Disk Space 350GB Unlimited* 600GB Unlimited* 1,000GB Unlimited*
Bandwidth 3,000GB Unlimited* 6,000GB Unlimited* Unlimited
Domains 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Pricing $4.95/mo $7.95/mo $12.95/mo
FTP Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Acc Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
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* Hostgator upgraded its hosting plan in late October.