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Hostgator at Singapore

I didn’t expect regional interest on United States based hosting company Hostgator is much higher in Singapore than in United States.

Much, much more higher.


From Google Insights, it seems that Hostgator related searches (such as Hostgator hosting, Hostgator coupons, and Hostgator reviews) are mainly coming from Asia countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and India. Singapore – a small nation with 4.5 millions population, topped the table for Hostgator’s regional interest for year 2008. (Google Insights data shown here)

Why is Hostgator much wanted in Singapore, and other Asia countries?

I was searching around Asia based forums and articles but couldn’t draw any solid conclusion on the question. However, I do come up with a few explanations based on my searches, Hostgator’s much interested in Asia countries might because of:

1. Load time factor vs website targeted audience

One, websites hosted in United States load faster for United States users.

Two, while globalization’s already reshuffling world’s economic standings; United States remain as the biggest spenders for online shopping.  Affiliate network (like and, Google Adsense, AdBrite – major e-commerce networks are based in United States.

Combining the factors above, it’s reasonable to believe that Asians who wish to start their home based business would focus on U.S. market and hosting with a U.S. based web host.

2. Hosting cost

Check this out, a Baby-Gator hosting package at Hostgator cost $7.95/mo for 600GB/6,000GB disk storage/bandwidth, unlimited addon domains; a standard hosting plan at Singapore based PozNet cost $9.5/mo (S$160/yr) for 350MB/35GB disk storage/bandwidth.

That’s right, you gotta pay extra for less features for Singapore hosting. The pricing is more or less the same with other Singapore based hosting, for example: Vodien cost $17/mo (S$24/mo) for 10GB/unlimited disk storage space/bandwidth; CyberSite cost $10.5/mo (S$15/mo) for 200MB/unlimited disk storage/bandwidth, HostSG cost $8.5 (S$12/mo) for 2GB/20GB disk storage/bandwidth.

So should you go with Hostgator if you’re from Singapore, or Malaysia, or Indonesia?

It’s obvious that hosting with Hostgator save you more money. Unless your website’s targeted audience are mainly local (for better loadtime); else I don’t see why you should limit your hosting choice within the local region.

$7.95/mo for 600GB/6,000GB disk storage/bandwidth, reliable web hosting server with long uptime, strong customer supports – I don’t see why you shouldn’t go with Hostgator – regardless which part of the globe you’re staying at.