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  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited web hosting space
  • Unlimited addon domains
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Free site builder & instant setup

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How Hostgator make it to the top?

Web marketing is so common nowadays. Many people prefer to start their career on internet due to low initial capital and stronger market coverage. If you are one of them who are planning to start your internet business, the first step is to choose a reliable web host. Here, I will recommend Hostgator. Hostgator has three years experience in this market.

Since Hostgator started its business, it able to offered services for high traffic sites, in which this thing was considered mission impossible at that time, but Hostgator could perform it nicely. Three years ago, it was still a small scale web host which only has hundreds of clients. At the time of writing, Hostgator’s customer base exceed thousands and named as one of the fastest growing companies in United States.

Below are some of the attributes which attract customers to choose Hostgator:-

Customer/Aftersales support

A reliable and promising supports and after sales service which not many web hosts can give. Hostgator provides professional solutions to tackle all type of problems in order to let customers do their business without any obstacle. Customer service is always being the first thing they look into before getting any business from customers. They provide a free guidance to their customers. Most of fundamental services are provided to customer free.

Web hosting servers

The simplest way to justify whether a web host is strong or not can be differentiated by numbers of servers. Meaning, the stronger web hosts will have bigger numbers of servers. For Hostgator, it has about 800 servers up to today.

Customer satisfaction

According to reviews and surveys obtained from forums and articles, Hostgator wins a lot of good comments and appraisals from customers not only on packages provided, but also on services given.

Market leader

Hostgator always looking forward to be the market leader in web host business. This spirit has drive to them work hard to provide more satisfying services to customers.

Reseller Service

Hostgator helps customer to get more savings through reseller service which allow hosting of 12 domains.

Zero Downtime

After years of improvements, downtime almost achieves 100% no downtime service.

Free of Charge Account Moving Service

Hostgator provide a free of charge service to customer for moving 20 accounts.

Effective Business modules

Hostgator help customers to overcome problems of setting up business modules. Until now, a lot of business modules were being set up by Hostgator and all of them are proved to working perfectly.

As a conclusion, Hostgator is your good choice for web hosting company. Since established until today, tons of good comments have clearly proved that Hostgator is a well known, prominent and reliable web host. Plenty of strengths like large web space, strong supports and zero downtime are again convincing you that Hostgator is your ultimate choice.

Minor negative comments like only answers provided during live chat and problems accessing to email. However, such negative comments are just contributed to a very small ratio as in compare with junks of strengths which Hostgator offering.

Lastly, your choice is around the corner – Hostgator. Be a smart buyer and choose the best for you. Hostgator definitely is the one for you.