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Common pitfalls with cheap hosting

Cheap web hosting

Web hosting industry is a competitive industry. Especially during bad time like now, hosting companies are slashing their price to win customers and to stay alive in business. But is cheap the best? Should we evaluate a web host just by its price tag? As a user, we must be cautious of the cheap hosting because it might be one of those that only care about getting you money. Some companies will try all sorts of marketing tricks to sell you their service. There are many disadvantages with low-cost web hosting services as most of them will fail to deliver proper service.

Cheap hosting = poor support?

The issue with cheap hosting is that it only provides the minimal service (well what do you expect? It is a budget service!) Yes without doubt such hosting companies will provide support that’s good enough for you to put up and run a website. However, it lacks the most important part which is the support. Some companies do prepare support but it is very limited and to be frank, it feels like you have no one backing you up at all. Even though some companies put up 24/7 support in their advertisement but this never really becomes a reality once you start using their service. So, it is very important for you to be able to find a company that provides some sort of support. You can know this by testing their support with emails to see if they reply or not.

Service Level Agreement

Another common pitfalls with cheap hosting is the Service Level Agreement.

It’s important to read the SLA throughly before signing up any web host as it is a legal agreement that ensure the hosting company’s level of service. A responsible web host always offer clearly written SLA to states their service transparently and to guarantees the service quality. But this not the case for most cheap hosting services. In fact, some budget hosting companies do not even provide this agreement. In case you come across one, stay away form them and look for the next one.

Reseller hosting

Cheap hosting also has another drawback with the intrusion of middleman. Sometimes, when you are in the process or getting a new hosting, you are not really dealing with the company but with a middleman. These middlemen are known as reseller hosting. They are people who are agent that sell hosting packages to make profit. The problem with reseller is that you must also find a good one in order to benefit from you cheap hosting.

So, to make a conclusion, there is actually no big problem with cheap hosting. It is a choice that we can. Although cheap, we still have to pay for it and the most important part is t get a good working web hosting to provide the service that we need. Of course, we cannot get fantastic service but at least we can get sufficient service to run a smooth website.

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